Jamie Hanratty November 28th, 2016

New Feature: November Release

November was a specially busy month for Property Partner. Following customer feedback we have:

1. Upgraded Auto-invest, we believe it's a better proposition for hands-off investors

2. Made a lot of updates to existing functionality on the site

3. Squashed bugs that were making the site frustrating to use


New Features

  • Auto-invest can be setup and paid into using Bank Transfer/Standing Order as well as Debit Card

  • Auto-investors can top up their auto-invest account at any time

  • Auto-investors are paid 3% interest cashback on their un-deployed auto-invest balance


  • Updated the Transaction History graph for properties - added start/end dates and average transaction price for each time period

  • Improved the information provided during the withdrawal process

  • Reduced the number of pop-ups on the site

  • 'Available Yield' displayed for each property is calculated for the lowest priced shares available, instead of the latest valuation.

  • Improvements to multiple pages on mobile

  • Added a sticky header to the site - so you can always access navigation when scrolling down

  • Updated our FAQs from feedback


  • Fixed some display issues

  • Fixed a problem with displaying some HPI data