Matt February 9th, 2017

New Feature: Early Feb release

There have been 3 releases in the last 2 weeks focusing on Security improvements and further increasing transparency.

New Features

  • Transparency: Added 'volume traded' to each property transaction history graph

  • How It Works is now more prominent (in the header)

  • Transparency: Data view now shows the 30 day Volume Traded for each property

  • Added a link to the release notes in the page footer

  • Data view now includes all properties (including new listings)

  • Dashboard now shows Auto-invest interest payments (Auto-investors earn 3% interest on auto-invest funds)

  • Security: Added a password requirement to withdraw funds and add a new bank account


  • Changed the format of the date field in the Account History download to make it easy to sort


  • Numerous bugfixes across the site improving the experience (if you notice something wrong, drop us a line!)