Jamie Hanratty March 16th, 2017

Update: Third March Release

Our Properties are now ordered in chronological order by default - newest first - and we have added a new sort order option to the Properties page - 'Discount on New Listing Price'.

New Features

  • Changed the default sort order of properties to 'most recent first'.

  • Added a property sort order option - 'Discount on New Listing'


  • Usability updates

  • Optimised page load speed across site


  • Fixed a number of small bugs (if you notice something wrong, drop us a line! hello@propertypartner.co)

Jamie Hanratty March 6th, 2017

Update: Second March Release

This release brings a number of small updates to the platform to make it easier for investors to use.

You can now sort properties by 'Discount to latest valuation' to show you where shares are available at a lower price than the latest RICS valuation.

New Features

  • Properties page - Added a 'discount to latest valuation' sort order option


  • Explainer video - 'Learn more about Bids' under the button to Bid on a property

  • Added the unique property code to the dashboard .csv download

  • Account History - added hyperlink to relevant property in each row

  • Account History - Improved explanation displayed for each type of income

  • Improved the homepage loading time

  • Improvement to Property graphs - more buy and sell orders displayed


  • Fixed an issue displaying large debited numbers in the Account History

Jamie Hanratty March 2nd, 2017

New Feature: Early March Release - PIN

Everything we do at Property Partner revolves around continually improving our platform, and many of our product improvements result from conversations with our clients, so please don’t hesitate in sharing your thoughts with the team. We’re always listening.

Customers will have two levels of security on their account. Our latest update has added an additional account security measure - enter a PIN on login. This is easy to setup and manage.

New Features

  • Setup your PIN

  • Enter email, password and PIN when logging in

  • Reset and manage your PIN

Matt February 9th, 2017

New Feature: Early Feb release

There have been 3 releases in the last 2 weeks focusing on Security improvements and further increasing transparency.

New Features

  • Transparency: Added 'volume traded' to each property transaction history graph

  • How It Works is now more prominent (in the header)

  • Transparency: Data view now shows the 30 day Volume Traded for each property

  • Added a link to the release notes in the page footer

  • Data view now includes all properties (including new listings)

  • Dashboard now shows Auto-invest interest payments (Auto-investors earn 3% interest on auto-invest funds)

  • Security: Added a password requirement to withdraw funds and add a new bank account


  • Changed the format of the date field in the Account History download to make it easy to sort


  • Numerous bugfixes across the site improving the experience (if you notice something wrong, drop us a line!)

Jamie Hanratty January 17th, 2017

Update: Second January Release

This release represents a good improvement in our platform. While this release is relatively light feature-wise, it includes a large portion of work that our development team were doing over the Christmas period to improve reliability of the site.


  • New spreadsheet added for property returns up until Dec 31 2016 (access through website footer)

  • Account history .csv download - added the property symbol to each dividend row, so you can easily total your dividends per property

Jamie Hanratty January 3rd, 2017

Update: First January Release!

Our first release of the year from the Development team. We've jumped right back into it, bringing you a number of requested updates, and fixes for those annoying bugs.

More updates planned soon - subscribe to be updated on future releases.

New Features

  • My Holdings - Download a time-stamped PDF of your share holdings, from the Investment Docs section of your dashboard

  • Property graphs - You can now zoom in/out to see all of the bids and sell offers for a property


  • Decreased the loading time of the homepage

  • Added the sticky navigation header in Internet Explorer - you no longer have to scroll all the way to the top to change page

  • Added ability to help remind customers to use their welcome bonus before it expires


  • Fixed a bug that stopped people being able to scroll their dashboard after investing

  • Fixed a formatting bug in the Data View

  • Other system bug fixes

Jamie Hanratty December 23rd, 2016

Update: December Release

New Features

  • Auto-investors can change their investment amount and monthly payment date

  • Get Help - use Frequently Asked Questions and Live Chat on any page


  • Auto-investors can see the funds in their auto-invest account

  • Auto-invest monthly statement includes new lump sum payments

Jamie Hanratty November 28th, 2016

New Feature: November Release

November was a specially busy month for Property Partner. Following customer feedback we have:

1. Upgraded Auto-invest, we believe it's a better proposition for hands-off investors

2. Made a lot of updates to existing functionality on the site

3. Squashed bugs that were making the site frustrating to use


New Features

  • Auto-invest can be setup and paid into using Bank Transfer/Standing Order as well as Debit Card

  • Auto-investors can top up their auto-invest account at any time

  • Auto-investors are paid 3% interest cashback on their un-deployed auto-invest balance


  • Updated the Transaction History graph for properties - added start/end dates and average transaction price for each time period

  • Improved the information provided during the withdrawal process

  • Reduced the number of pop-ups on the site

  • 'Available Yield' displayed for each property is calculated for the lowest priced shares available, instead of the latest valuation.

  • Improvements to multiple pages on mobile

  • Added a sticky header to the site - so you can always access navigation when scrolling down

  • Updated our FAQs from feedback


  • Fixed some display issues

  • Fixed a problem with displaying some HPI data

Jamie Hanratty October 30th, 2016

New Feature: October Release

New Features

  • Download your portfolio data to .csv

  • Download your account history to .csv