Jamie Hanratty March 6th, 2017

Update: Second March Release

This release brings a number of small updates to the platform to make it easier for investors to use.

You can now sort properties by 'Discount to latest valuation' to show you where shares are available at a lower price than the latest RICS valuation.

New Features

  • Properties page - Added a 'discount to latest valuation' sort order option


  • Explainer video - 'Learn more about Bids' under the button to Bid on a property

  • Added the unique property code to the dashboard .csv download

  • Account History - added hyperlink to relevant property in each row

  • Account History - Improved explanation displayed for each type of income

  • Improved the homepage loading time

  • Improvement to Property graphs - more buy and sell orders displayed


  • Fixed an issue displaying large debited numbers in the Account History